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“Beyond the Huddle: Winning Leadership Ideas From Peyton Manning’s Playbook”

Born into a football family and selected as the first overall pick in the 1998 draft, the legendary quarterback faced high expectations that raw talent alone couldn't satisfy. The future Hall of Famer will reveal how he became a leader on the gridiron and in his 21 Papa John's restaurants, striving to live by his credo: "The Most Valuable Player is the one who makes the most players valuable." In a lively interview, Manning—the only five-time NFL MVP—will likely settle once and for all the debate over who's the better QB, him or his brother Eli.


Two-Time Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback & Five-Time NFL MVP

9:15am – 9:45am

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Peyton Manning Meet & Greet

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General Session

Retailer Executive Panel: Do You Still Have It?

Our panel of top executives dives into the dramatic changes that have ruptured the world of retailing, creating a seismic gulf between the growing and the going. As multiples continue to drive some to the exit doors, others are enjoying historic success. In this session we talk to some of the best, understanding how they are reshaping their business models to adapt to the changing customer and altering retail landscape.


Vice President, Retailer Relations
Winsight Media

Senior Vice President Merchandising & Marketing
QuickChek Corporation

EG America LLC

Creating the Future of Commerce

In a world of accelerating change, where we are going and how do we build our organizations to thrive there?


Robots, AI and other emerging technologies of the fourth industrial revolution offer the opportunity and risk of transforming the retail industry. Embracing this future for ourselves and our organizations first requires one thing: innovation thinking. As a fifth-generation retailer turned retail futurist, Sterling has worked firsthand with countless retail businesses, including Mitsubishi, P&G and Wakefern, to develop leadership, processes and culture to achieve breakthrough performance amid unprecedented change. Take a journey through the retail value chain with the latest case studies, technologies and business models. And learn how to cultivate innovation thinking to gain perspective and clarity as we create new consumer experiences and redefine what retail is. 


CART (Center for Advancing Retail & Technology)