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Chief Customer Officer
Stuzo Technology

Covid, Change, and Convenience

In March of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic shut down large swaths of the U.S. Economy. Consumer behavior and buying habits changed almost overnight as did the way firms operate their businesses. In this presentation we look at how convenience store operators responded to the pandemic and examine their resulting performance. We explore which of the many changes that occurred during Covid are likely to be permanent and how that will impact the way convenience stores do business in the future.


Founder and President
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Flipping the Forecourt

With the country moving toward an electrified future what happens to the traditional fuel island? Will there be a forecourt in an EV world? What will be tomorrow’s interplay between the motorist and the retail store? What is the future for combustible engines? And, is it time for the convenience channel to panic?


Vice President, Retailer Relations
Winsight Media

President, Parkland USA
Parkland Corporation

Senior Advisor
Pilot Company

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