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Chip Manuel, Ph.D.

Food Safety Science Advisor
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GOJO Industries/PURELL

Dr. Chip Manuel is a Food Safety Science advisor for GOJO Industries. In this role, Dr. Manuel conducts food safety related research with the intent to improve public health, serves as a food safety microbiology subject matter expert for internal and external stakeholders, and represents GOJO Industries at conferences as a thought leader in food safety. Prior to joining GOJO Industries, Dr. Manuel served as a food microbiologist with Diversey, Inc.

Dr. Manuel’s academic background includes a BS in Food Science from Clemson University, a MS in Animal Science from Colorado State University, and a PhD in Food Science from NC State University. Dr. Manuel is the author of several peer-reviewed manuscripts, primarily focusing on the control of two important foodborne pathogens: Listeria monocytogenes and norovirus. Dr. Manuel has received numerous awards recognizing his achievements in Food Safety, including awards from the International Association for Food Protection, AOAC International, and the Institute of Food Technologists.