Kristen Bailey





Kristen Bailey is the chief marketing officer at the alternative payments company ZipLine based in Portland, Maine. Kristen is a consumer experience expert with deep insight into the art and science of enhancing brand engagement. With a keen understanding of consumer behavior and segmentation strategies, she has an impressive list of past experiences that qualify her as a dynamic speaker.
As director of marketing at Lindt Chocolate, Bailey was involved in the development of a successful and innovative customer loyalty program; she spearheaded projects for other big brands like Cumberland Farms, Coca-Cola, and Juan Valdez as director of market dynamics at retail/foodservice consulting firm The Moseley Group; and most recently, she served as the chief marketing officer for Las Vegas-based LEV Restaurant Group.
At ZipLine, Bailey is focused on delivering next-level performance through strategic partnerships with leading fuel and convenience store brands, launching consumercentric business solutions in the marketplace. Her leadership spans sales, marketing, business intelligence, and consumer engagement, enabling her to keep a constant and overarching focus on advancing the business solutions to satisfy customers’ needs. Kristen led the launch of the ZipLine loyalty program that ‘surprised and delighted’ customers with savings and personalized rewards. The loyalty solution provided merchants with powerful tools to understand and engage their entire customer base – generating revenue and creating brand advocates.
Based on her deep expertise, Bailey has delivered numerous keynotes on the anatomy of payment and loyalty programs with exponential impact on the bottom line. Her presentations demonstrate how to build a multichannel loyalty program that creates customers for life by recognizing not only their spend, but their social, mobile and digital behavior patterns.
Bailey holds an MBA from Boston University and a BA in English literature from University of Montana. She lives in Portland, Maine.