Nicole Paduano Roth

Owner and Director of Retail Operations

Lakeport Market

Nicole Paduano Roth is one of the proud owners of Lakeport Market, along with her parents and siblings. She is the Director of Retail Operations and oversees the daily retail and fuel activities of the company, as well as managing many other aspects of the business such as the accounting, pricebook, hiring/training, social media and human resources. 

Nicole started her venture into the convenience store industry when she was practically in diapers and grew up within the company of Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes. Her 14 year journey began as a filing clerk at headquarters and once she was bored, she moved her way into the stores as an associate and worked her way up the management ladder, while simultaneously developing her accounting background, ending as a manager for one of the top stores of the company. Nicole has spent the past two-and-a-half years developing Lakeport Market as a whole with her family and their amazing employees and loves (almost) every minute of it. She dreams of one day having many locations that will carry on the traditions and values that she was instilled with within her training. Watch out, 7-Eleven!

Lakeport Market recently opened its second location on August 1st, 2020 and the family looks forward to expanding their food program at this new location during the next few months. Nicole loves to spend her free time with her husband AJ, their 18 month old daughter Giovanna and their two cats.