Tom Kloza

Global Head of Energy Analysis

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

Session Description

Fuel Marketing in the Time of Corona: Drastic and Not-So-Drastic to Expect in Downstream Markets in the Next 12 Months



Tom Kloza is among the founders of Oil Price Information Service, which in 2016 was acquired by IHS Markit, the world’s most comprehensive source for analysis of energy prices and supply.

Tom has covered the oil business for more than 40 years, and even traded some of the first NYMEX futures contracts.  He is a regular guest on all of the business shows and has clocked more than 250 personal appearances on network and major cable TV.  You can often find him in more newspapers than the Jumble or Sudoku, explaining energy matters to everyone from consumers to hedge fund managers. Back in 2014, Tom was the first major oil analyst to predict that crude oil prices could crash below $30 bbl.

Tom sits on the Board of Advisers for the Fuels’ Institute and is generally regarded as one of the most objective non-biased experts on North American fuel supply and pricing.

In addition to his oil background, Tom is quite the wordsmith. Back in the 1990’s he coined the term “Petronoia” to describe the yearly fear that there would not be enough gasoline. He also coined the term RINsanity to describe the system of federal ethanol credits back in 2013.