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Cameron Watt

Cameron Watt

President & CEO
Intouch Insight

Cameron Watt is the President & CEO of Intouch Insight whose mission is to design, build and deliver solutions that collect data for customers and provide information that improves business outcomes for its clients. Intouch provides a 360 degree view of customer experience with products including mystery shopping, audits, customer satisfactions surveys, and forms/checklist automation software.

Cameron holds bachelor of commerce and master’s in business administration degrees. He grew up working in a variety of family businesses, including a chain of more than 50 restaurants, where he developed a passion for the customer service industry. In addition to his family business, Cameron has personally owned a restaurant and convenience store in addition to holding management positions with Unilever, Mars, PepsiCo & Yum Brands. Cameron has extensive experience both as an entrepreneur and corporate executive.

Cameron has also held senior positions within the information technology and financial services industries. Having worked in such a breadth of industries and roles, Cameron consistently provides a 360-degree perspective on customer experience management.

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