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Mitch Morrison

Mitch Morrison

Vice President, Retailer Relations
Winsight Media

For 12 years, Mitch directed print and digital editorial content for CSP’s Convenience Group, presiding over a team that captured more than 50 journalism awards. Recently, Mitch was promoted to retail executive platform director, where he will work across Winsight’s multiple platforms to develop new research and business tools to further benefit executives in the retail space. Mitch has taken special pride in guiding CSP magazine’s redesign and navigating an editorial team focused on cultivating relationships and delivering business solutions strengthening the c-store industry.

Prior to joining CSP Business Media in 2003, Mitch was executive editor at Convenience Store News for more than 5 years. Before his entry into trade pubs, Mitch won numerous awards in investigative and community journalism for Knight-Ridder newspapers. Mitch resides in New Jersey, with his wife Leslie and their two sons, Ari and Daniel.

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