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Take a deeper dive into the challenges facing c-stores

Tuesday, November 14

8:00 am–9:00 am

Innovation Forums (Choose 1 of 6)

Option 1 (INDUSTRY PANEL): The Workforce: From Liability to Asset

Hiring, training and retention can be the biggest weaknesses—and expenses—of a retail brand. But done right, it can also be its biggest tool for profitability and operational success. This session will tackle both regulatory labor issues such as minimum wage and overtime as well as innovative solutions to reduce employee turnover, attract the best team members and even enhance community relations.

Meelad Al-Arashi

VP of Creative & Brand Experience
Kreative Partners

Alaina Lancaster

Associate Editor, Foodservice Content Group
Winsight Media

Mitch Morrison

Head of Retail Executive Platform
Winsight Media

Alex Olympidis

President of Operations
Family Express Corp.

John C. Strickland, Jr.

Wayne Oil Co., Inc.

Option 2

Presented by: Altria Group Distribution Company

Option 3

Presented by: CPI – Crane Payment Innovations

Option 4

Presented by: GasBuddy

Option 5 – Strategic Planning: Investment, Structure, Diversification and Liquidity Strategies to Maximize Long-term Value

Presented by: Trefethen Advisors

Maximizing long-term shareholder value is a function of a number of inter-related variables.  Investment decisions and strategic initiatives are influenced by macro factors such as general economic conditions, state of the capital markets, commodity markets, consumer trends, technology and micro factors such as the company’s current financial condition, corporate structure, the owner’s objectives (risk, liquidity, wealth transfer/protection, and others).  This session will provide business owners and managers with a conceptual framework to define strategic objectives and develop/execute a strategic plan consistent with those objectives.

William V. Trefethen

Managing Partner
Trefethen Advisors

Option 6 (Industry Icons): A Message to the Next Generation of Leaders – Part 1: Panel Discussion

Outlook’s Next Gen Leaders Forum is a rare opportunity for next generation leaders to interact and learn from some of convenience industry’s most respected and veteran business-leaders. The Forum is split into two segments to maximize participant interaction with a selection of industry icons who have made a difference in their organization and in the industry. Following icon presentations in Part 1, participants identify which industry leader they wish to spend an hour with in roundtable discussion the following day. The individual small group discussions with icon will allow inquiring minds to candidly talk about issues, ask specific questions, and make a direct person-to-person connection with leaders of the convenience store community.

Ieva Grimm


Bob Myers

Chairman of the Board
Casey’s General Stores Inc.

Stewart Spinks

The Spinx Company, Inc.

Lynn Wallis

President & CEO
Wallis Companies

Tom Welch

Board Member
Maverik Inc.

Malik Yousif

President - Operations
MalikYousif Sons Petroleum, Inc.

Moderator: Ieva Grimm, President, SYNERGE
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