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E-Alternative Solutions


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A leader in emerging industries, E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) brings ingenuity to the Vapor and CBD industries. As an independent, family-owned business, EAS aims to provide adult consumers with the innovative, research-tested, compliant products they want. As distributors of the Leap® and Forth™ CBD brands, EAS has a product to fit every segment of adult consumer. Adapting to consumer trends and category changes, EAS products are the right fit for your shelves. With an experienced compliance team and a passionate sales team, EAS is ready to support you in the growing back bar categories of Vapor and CBD.

E-Alternative Solutions New Products

Forth™ CBD-Infused Juice Drinks are making a splash in the c-store CBD category. The refreshing Juice Drinks are available in two invigorating, fruit flavors. Since their introduction, the Juice Drink...