Innovation Forum Speaker

Jamie Rutherford

Strategic Accounts Executive


Session Description

Intelligent Video Surveillance Cloud: Mine Dark Data Improving Operational Efficiency

Realwave is a hybrid cloud platform that combines your video surveillance images with data from cash registers, sensors, safes and curates the events you care about. Realwave utilizes the power of cloud computing built on our D.I.V.E. (Deep Learning, Integrated devices, Video analytics & Exception reporting) engine to further analyze your video providing rich insights to otherwise ‘dark data”. Our platform increases operational efficiency, reduces shrink, improve safety, marketing and more. Our hybrid-cloud approach leverages existing infrastructure and enables remote access from any device, anywhere.

Jamie has over 20 years of experience in the cash management and security industries - having held key positions in both sales and operations.  Jamie's approach to business development and customer retention has always been predicated on relationship building and uncovering the customer's challenges within their own space.  Partnering with multiple layers of influencers and decision makers, Jamie has enjoyed long standing and mutually beneficial relationships that have spanned multiple decades.  Having provided solutions in both the banking and retail markets brings a unique perspective to solving for the complex demands of today's marketplace.