Kevin Hart

SVP of Sales, Fuel


Kevin is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing consulting leadership. Throughout his career, Kevin has built a reputation for driving revenue growth and leading high-performing sales teams to success.
At Upside, Kevin leads Fuel and C-Store Sales, along with driving the organization’s expansion strategy into new markets. Prior to joining Upside, Kevin held sales leadership roles at Challenge, Inc., CEB, and Gartner, where he led teams to meet and exceed sales goals consistently. In his consulting role, Kevin helped numerous clients develop and execute effective sales strategies to accomplish business goals. Kevin’s expertise and areas of interest include sales process optimization, pipeline management, world class storytelling and customer relationship management.
A highly effective leader, Kevin motivates his teams to exceed their targets and achieve exceptional results. His ability to motivate and inspire sales teams, combined with a deep understanding of sales processes and methodologies, has made him a highly sought after sales leader.
Kevin holds a BS in Accounting from Boston College.