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USO Charity Desk

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Embracing Change and the Future of Fuels

Global Head of Energy Analysis
Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

Intouch-CSP Customer Experience Award

Do your customers love you? Are they loyal? And what are you doing to differentiate your customer experience? Our 15th annual Intouch-CSP Insight Mystery Shop is expanding beyond execution into emotion, exploring the ways leading chains are creating a memorable consumer experience. Offering exclusive analysis of 10 leading chains, Intouch Insight CEO Cameron Watt shares what customers say they want from convenience stores—and who is delivering on their demands. The Intouch-CSP Customer Experience Award will be handed out to this year’s mystery shop winner.


President & CEO
Intouch Insight

Goodbye Clichés. Hello Real Marketing

Stop repeating those hackneyed marketing clichés: Best of breed, state-of-the-art, one-stop shop, silver bullet.  Marketing our stores is hard and often messy. It means creating a purpose and telling that story through your architecture, merchandising and customer engagement. Sounds simple? Well, consider that most convenience chains run diverse retail networks where stores vary in size, age, scale, and customer demographics. Clearly, crafting a clear message takes more than just some catchy buzzwords.


Helping to clear the cobwebs of clichés and craft a clear-eyed retail strategy, Outlook is excited to share some of the best marketers in our industry. 


Vice President, Retailer Relations
Winsight Media

Vice President Retail Operations
Maverik Inc.

Vice President Retail Operations
Wills Group

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Innovation Forums (Options Coming Soon!)

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Sometimes at a conference, you just need some free time. Use this nonscheduled, unstructured time to check email, exercise or connect with fellow attendees in the Networking Lounge.  

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Special Events (choose 1 of 2)

Option 1: “A Touch of Home Kits”: USO Packing Event

Join Outlook Leadership and its spotlight charity, USO of North Carolina, in packing “A Touch of Home Kits” for military members who are being deployed. What better way to extend your reach than to provide support to our nation’s military? We will pack various snacks and personal items in bags, along with notes written by you. All participants will fold small flags that fit into the pockets of service members’ uniforms when they are in the fields and act as a constant reminder that their country is with them and that they are connected to home. This fun event requires no prior experience and will change the way you think about snacks and what flags mean to our warriors when they are away from home. Our goal is make 1,000 kits. These kits are critical elements of building morale and letting our military know how much we appreciate their sacrifice. Please join us.


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Networking Reception

Outlook Leadership prides itself on placing you among the “right” people. This top-to-top networking reception is placed in a relaxed, executive setting. The atmosphere alone is sure to kick off some important discussions.

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Dinner on Your Own

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